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Welcome to Herman's Auto Tech

Herman’s Auto Tech offers complete maintenance and repairs to your car, truck or suv. Since 1964 people in South Mississippi have turned to Herman’s Auto Tech for expert auto maintenance and repair.Our family here at Herman’s Auto Tech has been repairing and maintaining your family’s vehicles for over 50 years. We keep your cars, trucks and suv’s going so you can do those important things such as going to work, taking the kids to school, going to see Grandma, and taking vacations. Some things will always be in style here at Herman’s Auto Tech, Good solid things like honesty, trust and caring about people. Contact the Herman’s Auto Tech family for all your auto maintenance and repair needs

Our Services Include

Break System  // Climate Control System  // Cooling System // Drive Line  // Engine Mechanical  // Fuel System // Much more...

Herman's Auto Tech
 High Quality
 Affordable Prices
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